Executive Coaching Program

Cancer Coping Center Executive Coaching Program for other nonprofit Executive Directors in the US and elsewhere. This program will serve to raise funds for the Center. Our Executive Director is a certified Life Coach and has been an executive in the nonprofit sector for over 20 years.

A prospective Executive Directors can sign up for the coaching program on an ongoing basis. Upon enrollment in the program, clients will receive weekly one-on-one coaching sessions either in person (If the person lives in Santa Barbara County) or the weekly sessions will be provided online if the client lives outside of Santa Barbara County or wishes to have sessions remotely.

Four 60-minute sessions a month for 12 months will cost $5000.00. This amount can be paid in ten $500.00 installments. If the client chooses not to complete the coaching program, the client is still responsible for paying the full amount of the program fee before the end of the calendar year in which they had enrolled. Alternatively, the client can transfer the enrollment to another C-Level employee at their agency so that that person can complete the remaining sessions in the program.

Where the client chooses to pay the entire fee at once, then a discount will be given. A $500.00 discount will be provided to a person or agency so that the cost for the entire program, will be $4500.00. If a professional chooses to refer another Executive and that Executive chooses to enroll in the program, the person who made the referral, will be given five 60-minute pro bono coaching sessions that is good for a year, starting from the day that the coaching sessions are given as a thank you for the referral.

Agencies can purchase this coaching program for their existing or incoming C-Level professionals. As a thank you for each executive who enrolls in the program, a gift certificate for a 60-minute coaching session will be given to the agency. The agency can choose how to use that certificate. The agency can either sell the certificate at an auction, use it as a raffle item or gift it to another agency employee or board member who qualifies under the C-Level Professional.