Gifts of Personal Property

Gifts of Personal Property

Valuable collections such as works of art, rare books, paintings or antiques can be subject to estate taxes. By donating such items at some point in your life, you not only lesson your taxable estate but also you decrease your taxable incoming the year of the gift.

Stocks and Bonds

You can select to give a gift of appreciated securities in order to benefit form tax advantages. You can obtain an income tax reduction equal to the fair-market value of the securities, as well as to reduce or do away with capital gains taxes on the transfer

Gifts of Life Insurance

You may make a contribution of life insurance to the Cancer Coping Center by naming the Cancer Coping Center as owner, primary or successor beneficiary, or irrevocable beneficiary of a whole life policy. The gift may be a paid-up policy, an existing policy with a cash value, or a new policy.

Employer Matching Gifts Programs

Many employers offer matching gifts programs that can double your gift. Please ask if such a program exists at your place of work.

In-Kind Gifts

We also accept in-kind gifts. The Center has received gifts of goods and services from various supporters. These may include equipment, vehicles, boats, yachts, supplies, consulting services, editing services, graphic design services, legal services, grant writing services, and marketing and PR services.