Cancer Coping Center in Color

Cancer Coping Center in Color Program

The Center will create a program that will highlight the experience of those touched by cancer through art. A solicitation for artwork from people living in the US, Puerto Rico and Hawaii will be made to collect work that reflects his/her/their perspective on cancer. This program will run every two years stating in the year 2022. The person submitting the art does not have to be diagnosed with cancer. The artwork is a vehicle to tell a story and to inspire hope in others. One does not have to be a professional artist to submit work to the Center. Once all work has been submitted by a particular deadline, a panel of local and online judges will be recruited to pick the top 3 art submissions. All art pieces submitted will receive a thank you note and recognition both in the gallery showing and in the online portfolio. There will be a deadline and guidance on how to submit the work and where to send it. Once the artwork is collected, the Center will do the following:

The Center will partner with a local art gallery in Santa Barbara and San Diego to showcase the art work. There will be an admission fee for the event to help raise funds for the Center (the idea is to ask for free gallery space, and donations of food and drinks so that the admission fee goes directly to the Center). A parallel online gallery will be created and it will be accessible through the Center website.

After the gallery showing has come to an end, these are the options offered to the prospective artists:

  1. The Center can offer to return the artwork to the original creator.
  2. The Center will offer to keep the art and sell it at a future Center event either in an auction or a raffle.
  3. The Center can give the art piece on behalf of the artist to a Cancer Center in California.