Programs & Services

Our Executive Director is a licensed Marriage Family Therapist. Therefore, to generate income for the Center, she can see clients who have been affected by cancer either directly and indirectly and have the hourly fee given to the Center. The Center’s new mental health services provides a revenue stream for the Center. Five percent (5%) of the annual time spent on providing psychotherapy to clients at CCC, will be given to those in need on a pro bono basis. The other ninety-five percent (95%) of time spent providing psychotherapy to clients at CCC will be fee-based and directly given to the Center to support its programs and services. Therapy sessions online and in person are 60 minutes in duration and start at $100 a session. This is a discounted rate so that more individuals who need to access mental health services can do so.

Moreover, the Executive Director is currently in the process of becoming credentialed with a variety of insurance plans in California. In addition, she is a Board of Behavioral Sciences approved California Supervisor. She can recruit and hire MFT Associates/Interns in the state of California and provide weekly supervision. Interns can in-turn provide therapy to clients (with the supervision of the ED). Interns will earn hours towards the requirement for licensure in California. MFT interns need to complete 3000 hours. The Center will ask a potential intern to commit at least one quarter or three months to working for the Center and in turn will be given clinical supervision by our Executive Director. Those not living in the Central Coast of California, can do an internship in their own home town and receive weekly online and remote supervision as long as they are living and working in the state of California.