Your Fundraising Events

Cancer Coping Center Circle

This is a circle of giving. Members can give $100 a month or a one time $1000 annually. The monies raised goes directly to programs and services. As a thank you, if the donor is comfortable, their name will be listed on the website, as well as for special events. Needs corrections: Members are given a front row seat to an event. Then a period after retail value.  Moreover, at in person events, a designated reserved parking space and recognition on stage during events.

Bake Sale

Participants compete to bake the most delectable sweet treats, and guests can donate for the chance to taste test and vote for their favorites.

Afternoon tea

Attendees can dress up for your classy high-tea fundraiser and pay an entry fee.

Board Game Night

Put together a board game fundraising event that’s friendly for all ages, complete with an assortment of options, including Bingo!

Ice Cream or Frozen Yogurt Social

Ask your community and local businesses to donate supplies, an attendant, advertise, and charge per scoop the day-of the event.

Movie or Awards Night

Host a film screening or movie marathon at a local park or auditorium and sell tickets and snacks for suggested donations. If it’s to watch and Awards Show, then guests can dress up as celebrities and those who are best dressed can win prizes.

Scavenger Hunt

Organize a scavenger hunt and send participants running all around town. Ask local businesses to donate prizes and get in on the fun.

Tie-Dye or Shibori Party

Charge an entrance fee, offer to tie-dye and Shibori personal items for a donation, or enlist local artists to teach, and or create custom pieces to sell or raffle at the event.

Yard Sale

Collect gently worn clothes, home goods, books, toys, antiques, furniture, or collectibles and host a yard sale. Get the entire community to participate and create goodwill in the process. Ask local coffee shops to donate coffee and tea and ask local bakeries for baked goods that can be sold and or given as a thank you to your customers. Ask local stores for new paper bags, boxes and bubble wrap so that your shoppers can take home their purchased items in style. Ask local party supply vendors to donate, tables, chairs, a tent, an awning for shade and linens so your yards sale is attractive and better organized.

Bonsai sale

Partner with your local bonsai club or society or a local nursery and host a fundraiser either at home, a garden or a nursery. Provide beverages and a light snack for your customers. Ask local Bonsai experts to teach a class and or give customers a tip on how to care for their plants.

Game Fundraising

Gamers can raise money by participating in a video gaming marathon. OR ask a local game shop to donate a percentage of their sales to our cause.

Film Fundraising

Host an amateur film festival and have participants enter their own productions. This can be done at a local high school, college, university, church or a civic club.

Local concert, play, ballet or theater production

Sell tickets for the event, collect donations throughout the evening, and livestream for all donors.

Casino Night

Bring Vegas to your hometown and host a casino night complete with games like roulette, blackjack, and poker. Ask local restaurants and caterers to donate food, and drinks.

House Party

Invite supporters and their friends and family to your charitable house party. This can be done indoors, outdoors, at the beach, local park or a ranch.